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Vegetable Spring Rolls - €5.50

Vermicelli, shredded carrot, Thai seasoning, wrapped in spring roll sheets, golden crispy fried & served with fresh plum dipping sauce (vegetarian dish)


Duck Spring Rolls - €5.99

Shredded duck breast, with noodles shredded carrot, Hoi Sin sauce & fresh plum dipping sauce



Chicken Satay - €5.50

Tenderloin pieces of chicken on skewers marinated with turmeric, red onion, lemongrass, kaffir lime leave & coconut milk, served with our delicious peanut sauce (contains nuts)


Butterfly Prawn - €8.99

Fresh prawns coated with breadcrumbs deep-fried & served with sweet chilli dipping sauce (contains seafood)

Thai Do Box for 2 - €12.99

Chicken skewers, vegetable spring rolls, duck spring rolls & butterfly prawns (contains seafood and nuts)


Crispy Pork Belly - €5.50

Marinated fresh pork belly crispy fried & served with sweet chilli sauce


Thai Style Chicken Wings - €5.50

Thai spices mingled into a satisfyingly flavored sauce juicy, sweat & tears (hot)


Spice Potato - €5.50

Fried diced potato cubes wok tossed with baby onions, leek, fresh chilli, cooked in aromatic spices (mild)





Tom Yam Goong - €5.50

Hot & sour soup with prawn, lemongrass, lime leaves & galangal (hot) (contains seafood)


Tom Kha Gal - €5.45

Thai hot & sour coconut soup with lemongrass lime leaves, chopped coriander & wild mushrooms (mild)







Stir Fried Dishes

All served with steam jasmine rice OR chips, add €0.50 extra for egg fried rice, €1.00 extra for fried noodle OR rice noodle


Beef - €9.99   Chicken - €9.99   Duck - €10.99   Pork - €9.99   Prawn - €10.99   Tofu - €9.99   Vegetable - €9.99
fillet beef € 12.99
Thai Basil Special

Stir fried with Thai basil & garlic, chilli, palm sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, carrot, bamboo shoots, green beans & peas


Teryaki Stir Fries

Tossed with mixed Asian vegetables stir fried with our homemade delicious teriyaki sauce


Cashew Nut

With cashew nuts, onion, baby corn, garlic, spring onion, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, palm sugar & brown rice vinegar (contains uts)


Ginger Stir Fried

Stir fried with ginger, spring onion, onion, carrot, mushroom, oyster sauce, palm sugar & light soy sauce


Black Pepper Stir Fried

With onion spring onions, mixed peppers, bamboo shoots chilli & wok tossed in black pepper sauce (mild)


Black Bean Sauce

Stir fried with onion spring onion, bamboo shoots, baby corn, broccoli, fresh chilli in black bean sauce (mild)


Crispy Chilli Chicken - € 9.99

Lightly battered chicken fillet pieces wok toast with onion, spring onion chilli & sweet chilli sauce (mild)


Mekong Duck - €10.99

Duck breast cooked with chilli, spring onions, Asian green chilli, cherry tomato & sweet basil. Thai Basil special stir fried with Thai basil & garlic, chilli, palm sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, carrot, bamboo shoots, green bean & peas



Thai Curries

All served with steamed jasmine rice, add €0.50 extra for egg fried rice, €1.00 extra for fried noodle OR rice noodle

Beef - €9.99    Chicken - €9.99   Duck - €10.99   Pork - €9.99   Prawn - €10.99   Tofu - €9.99   Vegetable - €9.99
Fillet beef - € 12.99
Massaman Curry

The world famous Thai' s curry served with potato, onion & crispy shallots in a warming sauce imbued with assorted spices


Thai Green Curry

The fragrant medium hot green paste cooked leaves with green beans, onion, red chilli & fresh sweet basil (hot)


Thai Red Curry

The scented mild hot red curry served with onions, green bean, red capsicum & sweet basil leaves (mild)








Pad Thai Noodles - €10.99

Flat rice noodles with chicken, prawn, egg, spring onions, beansprouts & homemade tamarind sauce. Served with fresh lime & crushed peanuts on the side (mild) (contains nuts and seafood)


Pattaya Noodles - €10.99

Egg noodles with roast duck Asian greens, Hoi Sin sauce, beansprouts & spring onion




Drunken Noodles - €9.99

Beef or chicken stir fried with sweet basil, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell peppers & hot Thai chilli (hot)



Fried Rice Dishes


Special Fried Rice - €9.99

Thai fried jasmine rice with char sui pork, Irish chicken breast, tiger prawns, shredded carrot, spring onion & Asian greens (mild) (contains seafood)


Sai Ma Nua (Beef Fried Rice) - €9.99

Jasmine rice wok tossed with beef onion, spring onions, green beans, red chilli, sweet basil & Asian greens (hot)






Steamed Edemame Pods - €4.00

Steamed soya beans in the pod sprinkled with salt & black pepper eat like fresh peas


Noodles - €4.00

Egg or rice vermicelli stir fried noodles with spring onion beansprouts & light soya


Stir Fried Asian Greens - €4.00
Jasmine Rice - €2.70
Egg Fried Rice - €3.50
Thai Brown Prawn Crackers - €2.50
Kids Meals


Kids Fried Rice - €5.50

Chicken OR beef kids size portion without the veg


Kids Noodles - €5.50

Chicken OR beef kids size portion without the veg



Water 500ML - €1.90

Still, Sparkling

All Cans 330ML - €1.50    Bottles 500ML - €1.90    Large Bottles 1.25L - €3.00

Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, 7-up, 7-up Free, Club Orange


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Noodle Box
1. Choose Noodles

Egg Noodle: yellow, wheat egg noodles (Wheat)

Rice Noodle: thin noodles, egg free & gluten free

Hofen Noodle: Hofen noodles are white in color, flat their texture is elastic & a bit chewy its also gluten free

Udon Noodle: thick, white, egg free noodles

Tofu or Five Spice Tofu (vegetarian Dish)


2. Choose Meat

Beef   €8.99                 Chicken  €8.99      Duck  €9.99         Five Spice Tofu  €8.99      Fillet beef   €12.99

Mixed Meat  €9.99     Prawn  €9.99         Toufu  €8.99       Vegetable  €8.99

3. Choose Your Style of Sauce
Curry Noodle Box

Choice of meat simmered in our delicious curry sauce, served on egg noodles


Combi Noodle Box€9.99

Chicken breast, lean beef, roast pork, king prawns & asian vegetables wok tossed with choice of noodles in a garlic oyster sauce (contains seafood)


Black Bean Noodle Box

Choice of meat & fresh vegetables wok tossed in our black bean sauce with a choice of noodles (mild)


Singapore Noodle Box €9.99

Our signature dish. Rice noodles. Stir fried in a fragrant hot spicy curry paste (hot)


Sweet Chilli Noodle Box

Choice of meat & a noodle, fresh vegetables wok tossed in our hot homemade sweet chilli Thai sauce


Soy Noodle Box

Choice of meat & noodles wok tossed Asian vegetables in our special made soy sauce


Satay Noodle Box

Meat & noodles cooked with Asian vegetables in our tasty satay sauce (contains nuts)


Gluten Free Noodle Box

Choice of meat & vegetables wok tossed in our special tamari wheat free soy sauce


Chop Suey Noodle Box

Choice of meat & noodles mixed Asian vegetables wok tossed with Chinese rice wine sauce & garlic


Sweet Sour Noodle Box

Choice of noodles cooked with light crispy battered chicken balls with vegetables wok tossed with our noodle box sweet & tangy sauce


Kung Po Noodle Box

Choice of noodle & meat wok tossed with mixed Asian greens in a mild spicy. Kung po sauce, comes with cashew nuts as well (mild)


Black Pepper Noodle Box

Choice of noodles & meat smothered with mixed vegetables in our aromatic black pepper sauce (hot)


Teriyaki Noodle Box

Choice of meat & noodles with mixed of vegetables stir fried in our homemade teriyaki sauce (teriyaki sauce is a light soy sauce slow cooked with a Japanese saki rice wine mean to glaze)


Hot Chuan Noodle Box

Choice of meat & noodle with our own hot spicy flavor Szechuan style sauce, cooked with mixed Asian vegetables (hot)




Traditional Chinese Dishes

All meal served with boiled rice or chips. All meals available in vegetarian. Add €0.50 extra for egg fried rice, €1.00 extra for fried noodle OR rice noodles. 


1. Choose Meat

Beef   €8.99   Chicken  €8.99       Duck  €9.99       Five Spice Tofu  €8.99

Mixed Meat  €9.99    Prawn  €9.99    Toufu  €8.99       Vegetable  €8.99    fellit beef  € 12.99


2. Choose Sauce

Curry Sauce

Black Bean Sauce              Szechuan Sauce (hot)                     Kung Po Sauce (mild) (contains nuts)

Sweet Sour Sauce             Satay Sauce (contains nuts)           Black Pepper Sauce

Hot Garlic Sauce               Oyster Sauce                                     Cantonese Sauce (available with Duck only)

Omelette Sauce                 Lemon Sauce                                   Orange Sauce



Rice Box


Singapore Rice Box   €8.99

Jasmine rice, roast pork, prawns. Egg & vegetables all stir fried with a mild fragrant curry paste (hot) (contains seafood)


Yung Chow Rice Box  €8.99

Popular Chinese style fried rice, wok tossed with steamed chicken, king prawn, shrimps, roast pork & mixed Asian greens, eggs & baby onions (contains seafood)


Duck Rice Box  €9.99

Roast duck breast cooked with mixed Asian vegetables & garlic wine sauce. Served with wok tossed egg fried rice




Soy Rice Box  €8.99

Sliced and steamed chicken breast, wok tossed with mixed Asian vegetable and dark soy sauce. It's our signature dish





Chicken Cheese Roll    Small €3.00   Large €5.50

Served with sweet chilli dip


Crispy Spring Roll   Small €3.00   Large €5.50

Served with plum dip


Veggie Spring Roll   Small €3.00   Large €5.50

Served with plum dip


Duck Spring Roll   Small €4.50   Large €5.99

Served with plum dip

Chicken Balls   Small €3.50  Large €5.99
Chicken Curry Samosa   Small €3.00   Large €5.50

Sesame Prawn Toast  €5.50
Salt & Chilli Shredded Chicken  €5.50
Salt & Chilli Chicken Wings  €5.99
Skewers Chicken Satay  €5.50
Chicken Wings with Sauce  €5.99

BBQ, Honey, Original, Sweet & Sour


Crispy Won Ton  €5.50

Served with sweet chilli sauce


Crispy Shredded Beef   €6.50


Pork Belly Ribs  €6.99

BBQ, Honey, King Do, Salt Chilli, Sweet & Sour



Spice Bag   €6.00
munchie box (small)  € 12.00
(small spice bag, 4x chicken wings, 3x ribs, 4x chicken balls, choice of sauce)
munchie box (large)   € 22.00
(large spice bag, 8x chicken balls, 8x chicken wings, 4x BBQ ribs, prawn crackers, and 2 choice of sauces)


yuk song  (pork or chicken)  €7.99
Garlic Cheese Chips   €4.20
Garlic Cheese Bacon Chips   €4.80
Tacco Chips   €5.00
Curry Chips   €4.80
3 in 1   €5.00
4 in 1  €6.50

Breast chicken OR shredded chicken

Chicken Goujons (5 pieces)  €4.50
Crispy Butterfly King Prawn     €8.99

Served with garlic mayo dip


Quarter Aromatic Duck   €10.99
Half Aromatic Duck   €19.99
Salt & Pepper King Prawn   €8.99
Egg Fried Rice   €3.50
Boiled Rice   €2.70
Chips   €2.70
Prawn Crackers   €2.50
Wok Tossed Plain Noodle  €4.00
Asian Stir Fry Mixed Vegetable  €4.00
Onion Rings  €3.50
Beansprouts  €3.20
All Sauces   €2.70

BBQ, Black Bean, Curry, Garlic Mayo, Satay, Sweet & Sour, Szechuan

Kids Meal


Kids Sausage & Chips   €4.50

Kids Chicken Goujons & Chips  €4.50

Kids Ninja Noodle / Rice Box  €5.50

Steamed breast chicken cooked with carrots & broccoli's in our yummy honey soy sauce



Ben & Jerry's 150ml   €3.99

Ben & Jerry's super premum ice cream (ask for today's flavor)




Water 500ml   €1.90

Still, Sparkling

All Cans 330ml   €1.50   Bottles 500ml   €1.90  Large Bottles(1.25L)  €3.00

Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, 7-up, 7-up Free, fanta orange


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